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1UNi is The 1st AI & Automation System for higher education entities in Malaysia is launching an automated system for Universities, Education Counselors and Students. Building the seamless application process with students, and custom made student acquisition for universities, 1UNi provides a simplified and user-friendly student acquisition system.

The Challenge

1UNi is an all-in-one online platform that provides data-driven solutions for admission counselors and students in Malaysia. 1UNi platform simply studies the behaviour of students - generates in-depth information of students’ actions and behaviours in form of Business Intelligence (BI) integrated into a dashboard that enables admission counsellors recruiting students in the utmost efficient way. 1UNi is here to assist students in their studies, providing them the ability to search, compare and connect them directory to the admission counsellors. 1UNi offer unprecedented after sales support service which is pertinent to the successful implementation of any technology-based solution.

Technologies Used


The Solution

Piamtoech helped building the archeticture of a platform that can help match students with universities at the same time studies their behavior after their consent , and creating a list of database of all universities , allowing the students to create one profile that will give them access to all this universities with one click application.

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