CBOS Core Business Operation Suites


Manage your entire business from one place, in half the time.

The Challenge

SalesMinded is an online core business operation suites for SME. It is owned by, a business group that operates in 7 countries in Southeast Asia with a HQ in Kuala Lumpur. They help clients to simplify their business operations ranging through all industries. The rapid growth of the company required not only a platform that could smoothly handle an increased number of customers, but also needed expanding their portfolio of services. For this project SalesMinded needed our help due to the scope and challenges of the development, we were happy to accept.

Technologies Used

The Solution

Piamotech created an entirely new system in a stable Python framework Django. The online platform is future-proof: it expands with the growth of the company and adjusts to increased customer traffic on the website. The platform includes both stand-alone services (sales, finance, dashboard reports, HR) and mixed (google calendar + SalesMinded). Moreover, the new platform facilitates workflows for SalesMinded employees too – the business dashboard enables integration with a large number of external systems that are crucial for performing day-to-day operations.

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